Choosing a Moving Company

Are you moving into your dream home in Hawaii? There are a lot of things to do to plan your move to your new home on Oahu, and one of those essential elements is to choose the best moving company on Oahu.

While many have heard horror stories of moving companies breaking their grandmothers’ China, overcharging at the end, or scuffing newly painted walls, with a little extra time and effort, these six steps will assist in choosing a Hawaii moving company for a stress-less transition:

Step #1: Ask your ‘ohana.

Ask your friends, family, or coworkers if they know a reputable moving company. Your real estate agent can also be a great resource for a Honolulu moving company referral.

Step #2: Get three estimates.

Once you have collected your referrals from family or friends and/or searched sites like Google and Yelp, it is time to pick up the phone or open your email. Get in-person estimates from at least three moving companies. Most Oahu moving companies will quote you based on the number of items you are moving and the distance between locations. If you need boxes or help packing up your items, many moving companies can provide this as well.

Step #3: Watch for red flags.

When getting your estimates, see if the company seems professional and reliable. Did they ask for a cash deposit upfront? They may be money hungry or not a legitimate business. Did they show up late? What does their vehicle look like? Professional companies will arrive on time and will have their own moving vehicles, not rented trucks.

Step #4: Check to see if the mover is licensed, insured, and accredited.

Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission (HPSC) regulates Hawaii’s local and intra-state household moving companies. A Hawaii moving company must have a PUC # displayed on their truck, and local movers can charge an hourly or flat rate, according to the law. Moving companies should carry workers compensation insurance, and many companies also allow customers to purchase insurance to protect items. Trade associations like the American Moving and Storage Association often vet moving companies before giving them a membership or approved seal, and this can be another way to determine if the company is reputable.

Step #5: Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings.

Ratings on the Better Business Bureau are vetted and can easily be checked online. Search the Honolulu moving company name to see if they are BBB accredited or if they have a good rating. If they are not listed on the BBB site, consider finding another company.

Step #6: Check their website and verify their address.

Ask for the estimator’s business card or look on their website to see if the business address is listed online in a directory. Be wary of any moving company that is listed under a residential name, as they might not be a professional, established company with the necessary licensure and insurance.

After assessment of the six steps and referrals from others, these are three of the best Oahu moving companies:

You Move Me Honolulu. Offering packing, unpacking, storage, and heavy item moving, this responsive full-serving moving company will even bring you a cup of coffee on moving day. They are known to be punctual with highly trained movers and transparent rates. They have clean trucks and will offer an in-person estimate.

Lucky’s Delivery & Moving Services. On the island of Oahu, Lucky’s Delivery & Moving Services is a popular choice. They will help you move down the street or across the globe with professional movers who can pack, move bulky couches, and care for your family’s beloved belongings. They also rent moving containers and have storage services.

Kama‘aina Movers. These reasonably priced and responsive movers do both residential and commercial moves. Their goal is to alleviate Hawaii's homeowners’ stress and arrive on time to efficiently load and unload all your precious items. They pack, unpack, and crate and also are meticulous furniture movers. They specialize in moves on Oahu only.

Moving to a new home in Hawaii is exciting, but it also can be stressful. However, following the above six steps to select the right moving company can ease your worries and enable you to blissfully move into your new house on Oahu.