Top 10 Marketing Tips for Realtors in Hawaii

Kohina at Ho'opili

The realm of real estate can be challenging to navigate, especially if you’re new to the game. As a realtor, especially when you’re starting out, you’ll have to juggle tasks and be a jack of all trade where you’ll have to know the market, understand the customer and sell yourself to get more business. Don’t worry – here are our top 10 strategic tips on how you can find success:

1. Find Your Specialty. A niche can help you narrow down your customers and find a specific location/neighborhood to focus your skills. Think about your interests. Whether it’s helping military buyers or a young couple with their first-time home, selecting a market can help you reduce startup expenses and scale faster.

2. Start With An Online Platform. Zillow and can be useful tools for a new realtor. Once you have more experience and make enough sales, you’ll have your own network of sellers and buyers and you won’t need to rely solely on online sales.

3. Referrals Are Key. Did you catch the key word in tip #2? Network! It’s all about networking in Hawaii (“Where you wen school?”) and you can start by building relationships. Be friendly and personable. Get to know people, attend networking events and put yourself out there.

4. Get on TV. Or, print ads, online ads, etc. Oahu is a small island and people will start to recognize you. If you know anybody who works at the TV station or have any reporter friends who need a realtor source for online, print or video story, reach out and do a few pitches. Be persistent and they might think of you for the next time they need someone for a quote.

5. New Developments. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s going on around the island. Areas like Ewa Beach, Mililani and Kapolei are growing rapidly – if your customers are looking for new, up-and-coming developments, talk to them about West Oahu! In addition to homes, there are now schools, malls and other recreational options that’s making these neighborhoods attractive for buyers. These areas also boast of cheaper home prices that are within budget for first-time home buyers.

6. Keep Learning. Laws change all the time (like with short-term rentals). New bills are passed and interest rates fluctuate. Keep doing your research until you become someone your customers can rely upon as The Go-To Guy when they want to know what’s going on in the market.

7. Look to the Mainland. The local community can help you get leads, but look towards the mainland. Many homes are owned from out-of-state residents, which can help you grow your sales.

8. Diversify. Do you have a website? Consider launching a Facebook page, too, or running a Google advertisement. Hire a writer to consistently post on social media for you or, if you have the budget, get a videographer to film a short commercial you can run on your website. Organic content can do wonders for marketing.

9. Commit. While many realtors change brokerages to get the best commission and benefits, take your time and do your research upfront before signing up and STAYING with a brokerage. This will help build up your reputation and your business.

10. Invest. You know what they say: spend money to make money. While you may be doing your own staging, social media and marketing in the beginning, at some point your business will grow (hopefully!) and you won’t have enough time to do it all. Hire a team of contractors who can take care of running your business with you, so you can focus on being a realtor – meeting potential buyers and guiding them to the right home.