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      About Līhu’e

      Līhu’e is the main port and second-largest town on Kaua’i, with many conveniences usually found only in much larger urban areas. It is also the cultural and commercial center for the island and the county seat for Kaua’i. The international airport borders Nāwiliwili Bay, with its container ship harbor and cruise ship pier. Besides its own many attractions, Līhu’e is the gateway to all the memorable natural beauty and things to do on Kaua’i, the Garden Isle.

      Real estate in Līhu’e

      While often mentioned as separate areas, the former plantation camps of Hanama’ulu and Puhi are part of Greater Līhu’e. Most of its residential developments have been built on former agricultural lands and constructed from the 1950s on, with new construction ongoing today in a revitalized and rediscovered Līhu’e.

      Līhu’e presents an abundance of natural features in lush, beautiful surroundings. Whether perched in a hilly forested area, beside a lovely orchard or fairway, next to a meandering stream, on a cliffside overlooking sparkling Pacific waters, or nestled next to a majestic mountain backdrop, Līhu’e's topography has much to contribute to a dream-come-true home.

      Līhu’e homes are available at various income levels in single-family and duplex homes, townhouses, and condos. Older neighborhoods around the town center have spacious lots with many island plantation, mid-century ranch, and concrete block home styles. Newer developments have more contemporary styles but still with that distinctive Territorial touch. Recent high-end condos have 21st-century contemporary styles that embrace the outdoors and Hawai’i’s lush tropical ambiance.

      Most Līhu’e homes are fee simple; the buyer owns the home and the land beneath it. However, a few properties are leasehold, especially some older condos in Līhu’e. As a condo leasehold property, the buyer, in a sense, is renting the property.

      In addition to the cost of the condo, an agreed-upon annual or monthly lease amount is determined. At the end of the lease, usually 40-50 years, the leaseholder may create a new lease, discontinue the lease and take back the property, or provide the condo lessee with an option to buy the lease.

      Generally, a leasehold property is not as expensive as a comparable fee simple property. The buyer may be planning to sell the unit before the lease expires or may hope that an offer to buy the lease is made. A fee simple condo is one in which a buyer purchases the condo and a portion of the condo community property.

      From plantation camps to home ownership

      Līhu’e began as a population center with the creation of two sugar cane plantations in the 1850s. Immigrant workers and their families lived in housing “camps” on the plantation.

      In the 1940s and 50s, the plantations built new neighborhoods to provide homeownership for workers. Of the approximately 8,100 residents of Līhu’e today, many are former plantation workers and generational plantation families.

      The Līhu’e community reflects the various immigrant workers brought to the plantations over more than a century: Chinese, Europeans, Japanese, Puerto Ricans, Koreans, Filipinos, and local Hawaiians. And Līhu’e's population continues to grow with the rediscovery of a revitalized Līhu'e as a vibrant, welcoming place to live.

      Sustainability is an essential keystone in Līhu’e's community goals. And who better to understand that concept than the former plantation workers and their children? While Līhu’e is implementing 21st-century improvements to create a healthy and safe lifestyle for its citizens, residents are proud of their agricultural heritage, with agricultural lands and gardens all around the area. Līhu’e has as many farmer's markets as much larger urban areas!

      A pleasant mix of sun and rain

      Kaua’i as the “Garden Island” is lush in its tropical splendor and awesome rainbows due to its abundance of rain. And while Mt. Waialeale, one of the wettest spots on earth, is in the distant background, Līhu’e has a nice blend of garden-growing rain and sunny, head-to-the-beach weather.

      There is little change in the range of temperatures in Līhu’e. During the year, the temperature generally varies from 66°F (19°C) to 84°F (28°C), rarely dipping below 60°F (16°C) and above 85°F (29°C). January is typically the coolest month, while September is the hottest.

      The average water temperature is 75°F (24°C) in February and a warm 80°F (27°C) in September.

      December and January generally have the most rainfall, reporting nine days with rain, including trace amounts, while June has the least. The average monthly rainfall in the winter months is 4-5 inches. June has a little more than 1 inch of rain. However, while these are averages, all the islands are prone to flooding when an extremely heavy storm front passes through, causing heavy run-off from the mountains.

      No huge rush hour jams here!

      Commuting to work from almost anywhere in Līhu’e is relatively easy unless there are construction delays or accidents. The commute is generally 15-20 minutes. The airport area tends to have the heaviest traffic.

      Taxi service is available, and the Kaua’i Bus operates in Līhu’e and from Kekaha to Hanalei.

      Providing education from pre-kindergarten to community college

      Two public elementary schools (PK-5), one middle school ((6-8), and one high school (9-12) serve Līhu’e. Kaua'i High School rates 10 of 10 in preparing students for college according to Great Schools criteria. Kawaikini (K-12) is a public Hawaiian Immersion charter school in Līhu’e.

      Island School (PK-12), a private independent college prep school, and Olelo Christian Academy (PK-9) are also in Līhu’e.

      Several pre-kindergarten schools are located throughout Līhu’e.

      The University of Hawai’i’s Kaua’i Community College is in the Puhi area of Līhu’e.

      A nationally recognized hospital in Līhu’e

      Wilcox Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital in the Hawai’i Pacific Health System. It is the first American College of Surgeons-verified Level III Trauma Center in Hawai‘i. For the last three years in a row, the hospital has been recognized for surgical excellence. The American Heart Association has also recognized Wilcox Medical Center for achievement.

      The hospital is also an affiliated facility with Kaiser Permanente.

      Kuhio Medical Center is a primary health care clinic in Līhu’e, and Queen’s Medical Center has a specialty health care clinic.

      Hawai’i Pacific Health has an urgent care facility in Līhu’e also. Nearby is the Kaua’i VA Clinic for veterans.

      So much to see and do in Līhu’e!

      There is much to discover on Kaua’i, but the many things to discover in Līhu’e town alone will keep the new resident delightfully occupied for quite some time - from its natural wonders to its local and cultural history, territorial charm, and more.

      There are museums, plantation tours, an ancient fishpond, art galleries and exhibits, arts and crafts fairs, theatre and musical events, hula festivals, and so much more!

      Līhu’e features many opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. Planned communities with generous walkways; a Līhu’e Loop walking tour featuring local history and culture; bikeways around town; hiking trails, such as the trail to the Ninini Lighthouse; recreational parks; three golf courses; and oodles of ocean activities are just some of the features of Līhu’e. And more physical exercise can be had walking around the various farmer’s markets with all the locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables!

      Surprising shopping convenience

      Considering that Līhu’e’s current population is just a little over 8,000, it is likely Līhu’e’s harbor that has made it the nexus for the major shopping venues on the island. The largest shopping mall on Kaua’i, Kukui Grove Shopping Center, is anchored by Macy’s with local stores such as Times and Longs and nationwide stores such as Starbucks, Kay’s Jewelers, and Ross’s, plus 50 other stores and services.

      Costco, Target, Home Depot, and Walmart are nearby. Līhu’e is also home to all car dealerships on Kaua’i.

      Dining choices from plate lunches to Haute cuisine

      From Hawaiian to Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Mexican, and Italian, the various cuisines reflect the ethnicities of the immigrant plantation workers. A plate lunch, food on a paper plate, is typical local fare, often to take out and enjoy with a scenic view. And the food is delicious, perhaps with a recipe or two from back in the day.

      Poke is so ‘ono at The Fish Express and Konohiki’s Seafoods. Smiley’s Local Grinds is top-rated for something meatier like chicken katsu or kalbi ribs. Wanna’ try a food truck? Kaua’i Sushi Station is your sushi and sashimi fix!

      Most restaurants in town are rather casual dining, but a few are more upscale. Hualani’s, at the luxurious Timbers Kaua’i resort, describes itself as an “elegant yet relaxed atmosphere.” The cuisine is Hawaiian Regional, and many ingredients are sourced from its own organic farm or local suppliers. The fish and shrimp dishes are very popular. The unobstructed view of the bay provides a sublime dining atmosphere.

      Līhu’e is a delightful mix of urban and country. All the conveniences of an urban area are here, but in an uncrowded and healthy environment, surrounded by majestic mountains, a beautiful ocean, verdant agricultural lands and forests, rivers, and streams. It has all the wonders of the island's great outdoors just minutes away. Līhu'e is a surburbanite's dream!

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