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Akolea at Kehalani is a collection of 97 homes built in 2005.

Kehalani: An Introduction

Kehalani is a master-planned development that has been in the works since the 1990s and has experienced ongoing growth over the past several decades. Spanning across 550 acres of land, Kehalani is planned to have a total of 2,400 residences upon completion. These homes, which are classified as single-family residences and condominiums, are divided into over 15 different subdivisions, making Kehalani one of the two large master-planned developments in the region.

One of the main selling points of the Kehalani development is its location, which allows for unforgettable views while also remaining close to modern conveniences. Located at the base of the West Maui Mountains, the elevation of the area results in milder temperatures. In fact, the Kehalani development rests in one of the coolest climates in the area, as it is reaches up to 800 feet in elevation.

Another great charm of Kehalani is that it is pedestrian friendly and inclusive of numerous pathways for walking and biking. You’ll discover panoramic views of the mountains and the shores of Maui. There are also plenty of small parks scattered throughout the development in addition to a gigantic 13-acre park. Imagine going on a Sunday afternoon bike ride with your family and taking in the fresh air while seeing the beautiful sights around your home.

Kehalani provides close access to schools, shopping centers, and sources of entertainment. There is Kehalani Village Center, a commercial development that includes a grocery store, a pharmacy, and a gas station. Maui Memorial Medical Center is also just down the road. There are 3 different golf courses as well as several restaurants and movie theaters all within a 10-minute drive of Kehalani. Beach-goers will be able to reach the North Shore, West Maui, and South Maui beaches in 20 minutes or fewer. Whether you are in the mood to go shopping or lie on the beach, you won’t have to drive far when you live in Kehalani.

Condominium Communities at Kehalani

Regardless of whether you are looking for a small, quiet area or a place that can accommodate a larger family, Kehalani offers numerous different styles of condos, each with unique floor plans. It should be noted that most (if not all) of these communities prohibit the use of the homes for vacation rentals, so it is important to check regulations if you are looking to purchase a home you would like to rent out to others.

Sometimes, condo living gets a poor reputation, as it can feel less private than a single-family home; however, the communities within Kehalani offer amenities that can make your home feel much more private. Many of these homes include 2-car garages, and some of them even include private yards with fences. At Kehalani, you’ll find homes within quaint, 2-story buildings. Some of the neighborhoods are gated for increased privacy and protection.

Credit: Stanford Carr Development
Credit: Stanford Carr Development

Unit floor plans vary depending on the specific subcommunity; however, in general, the condominiums at Kehalani tend to have 2-3 bedrooms with 1.5-2.5 bathrooms. Some units are single-story, while others have two stories. The smallest homes include around 953 square feet of living space, and the largest homes offer about 1,853 square feet of living space. Prices range based on community (from affordable to luxury) and size of the individual unit.

Some of the amenities enjoyed by homeowners within the condo communities include close access to beaches, schools, and shopping centers. The location is perfect for getting those beautiful, panoramic views of the mountains. Residents will have access to parking spaces for their cars (through either 2-car garage, covered parking stall, or uncovered parking space). As an added bonus, many of the condo communities clarify that pets are allowed, so you’ll be able to bring the whole family to your new home.

Subdivision Communities at Kehalani

If you’re searching for a single-family home in the Central Maui area, Kehalani provides numerous options of different subdivisions. With neighborhoods ranging from just 30 homes to larger neighborhoods approaching 200 homes, there are opportunities to join communities of different sizes. Similarly to the condominiums, some of the subdivision neighborhoods are also gated.

Credit: Stanford Carr Development
Credit: Stanford Carr Development

Much like the condominiums, the single-family homes come in a variety of floorplans with single-story and two-story options. Many of the homes are 3 bedroom, 2-2.5 bathroom, with the largest homes having a total of 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Each home is equipped with beautiful views of the surrounding land. Depending on the location of your home, you will enjoy majestic mountain views, beautiful glimpses of the shoreline, or a combination of the two.

Credit: Stanford Carr Development
Credit: Stanford Carr Development

Specific amenities and home features will be dependent upon the particular neighborhood and floorplan. Some of the notable features that are found across many of the neighborhoods include garages and/or spaces allotted for parking your car, close proximity to parks and greenery, cul-de-sacs to reduce traffic disruptions and improve safety, and the inclusion of laundry rooms as a part of the floorplan.

Living the Life in Maui

Kehalani’s prime location in Central Maui makes it a wonderful place to raise a family. The development is located near Wailuku, a major city providing opportunities for work, school, and recreation. The County Seat in Wailuku provides numerous state and federal jobs to residents in the area. Young children will be able to attend the new Pu’u Kukui Elementary school as they begin some of the most crucial years of their education.

Maui provides a cool, mild climate to escape the summer heat but still be able to enjoy the outdoors. With close proximity to beaches, golf courses, show venues, and shopping centers, residents at Kehalani can enjoy being engulfed in the nature of the mountains while still being able to easily get to where they want to go!

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