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An illustration showing what Kalaeloa could look like
An illustration showing what Kalaeloa could look like

Kalaeloa: New Beginnings

Plans for Kalaeloa have been outlined to address a variety of lifestyle factors. The community has been designed to be convenient for walking and biking. This helps decrease vehicular traffic and provides opportunities for individuals to become more physically active than they may have been in a less walkable community. Additionally, Kalaeloa strives to promote neighborhood connection, with plenty of green space to promote the enjoyment of nature and provide social opportunities among residents. Green spaces will include community resources and amenities, such as parks, athletic fields, and playgrounds. With so many businesses within the community (as well as ease of access to public transportation outside of it), Kalaeloa strives to create an environment that supports economic growth and serves as a place to live, work, and play.

Where Kalaleoa is located.
Where Kalaleoa is located.

Housing Types

Kalaeloa is still in construction, but the finished product will feature numerous types of housing. Expect to see low-rise buildings that are just 2-3-stories high. Number of bedrooms will range from 1-4, depending on the building and particular unit. Residential housing types will include flats, townhomes, and carriage housing in addition to detached, single-family homes. These homes will surround a large mixed-use area within the development that will include common necessities, such as the post office, in addition to other commercial spaces, a community center, and an environmental center.

Another unique aspect of Kalaeloa is the mixed-used design that will essentially combine housing units with commercial units. For example, you’ll find commercial units on the ground floors of some of the complexes and residential units on the other three floors. This layout provides opportunities for individuals to live and work in the same building. There will also be employment opportunities within walking or biking distance from the residential units, thus promoting a close, tight-knit community that is supportive of a healthy work-life balance and a more active lifestyle.

Keeping Kapolei Green

The Kalaeloa community is committed to the utilization of sustainable energy across the development, including green features within the individual units and across shared community resources. New homes will include energy efficient central air conditioning, with windows that provide natural daylight and ventilation. Individual homes and larger buildings will be equipped with increased building insulation. Additionally, residents will have use of ENERGY STAR appliances and water-saving plumbing fixtures to help save money and promote responsible use of resources.

Proposed design called Kalaeloa NZE Community.
Proposed design called Kalaeloa NZE Community.

Another planned “green” feature is the use of rooftop photovoltaic panels, which generate energy from solar heat. The community will also feature solar hot water systems and a rain-water reuse system, both of which will provide clean, warm water for residents. Buildings will be painted in light exterior colors for less heat absorption from the sun, and the development will have an on-site waste treatment facility.

A 20-minute City

One of the main ideas that has shaped the design of Kalaeloa is the concept of the 20-minute city. Basically, this means that residents in the community will be able reach all of the common essentials (such as grocery stores) with a 20-minute walk or bike ride. This design is perfect for families that want to live in a walkable area without necessarily having to live within a large, bustling city. Plans for Kalaeloa are more consistent with a suburban neighborhood vibe in comparison to a larger neighborhood, such as downtown Honolulu.

A major benefit of living in a 20-minute city is not having to invest so much time commuting to work or school, which allows for more time to enjoy recreational activities. Even residents who work outside of the community will have quick access to public transportation and will be able to reach many of the standard places they need to go without having to own a car. This set up not only saves time but also saves residents money, as there are fewer expenses related to transportation in these types of neighborhoods.

Since there will naturally be fewer cars on the roads of Kalaeloa, there will also be less traffic in comparison to many local neighborhoods. The community will have numerous bus stops and transit stations throughout, and there will plenty of sidewalks and pedestrian pathways for easily navigating different parts of the development.

Division of Land

The Kalaeloa property covers 30 acres of land in Kapolei, which developers have divided into different “zones.” Each zone serves a primary purpose within the community. Proposed zones include the Rural Zone (to include ocean lots, eco-industrial entities, and natural landscapes), the Neighborhood Residential Zone (single-family homes, townhomes, live-work spaces, etc.), the Mixed-use Zone (commercial and residential units), the General Urban Zone (townhomes, urban apartment buildings, live-work spaces), and the Urban Center Zone (higher buildings, mix of retail, office, residential, etc.). Furthermore, developers have also allocated additional “Special District” zones for areas like the airport and active military spaces.

Boundaries of Kalaeloa
Boundaries of Kalaeloa

Living in Kalaeloa means living in a community that has everything you could need within a short walk or bike ride. This community will be environmentally progressive, incorporating green resources. Conscious energy sources will help save businesses and residents money and will also help to preserve the community. Whether you are looking for a detached single-family home or a convenient live-work apartment building, Kalaeloa has countless options for locals looking for their next home.

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