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Kōhina in Ho‘opili on Kauluakoko St. and Hoomohala Ave.
Kōhina in Ho‘opili on Kauluakoko St. and Hoomohala Ave.

Community Plans—Featuring Convenience and Versatility

11,750 homes can seem pretty overwhelming when you’re looking to live within a tight-knit community, which is why Ho’opili is divided into numerous sub-communities grouped together by housing type. Housing options range from studio apartments, with prices that started as low as $392,835, to 4-bedroom single-family homes. Ho’opili seeks to offer something for all individuals and families with a variety of homes types including single-family homes with ADUs, townhomes, flats, duplex homes, lofts, FLEX units, condominium homes, multi-generational homes, and even plantation-style homes.

The sub-communities of Ho’opili offer a multitude of floor plans and styles. The minimum single-family lot size is 3,500 square feet, though most of the homes are around 4,000 square feet.

Where is Ho’opili Located?

Saying that Ho’opili is located between Kapolei and ’Ewa Beach doesn't really do it justice. The area is so large that it seems like a city in itself. Personally, I associate it more with Kapolei because of the route I take to get there. When I'm coming from town, I take H1, get off at exit 3, head down Kualakai Parkway, and turn left into Ho’opili. Because Kualakai Parkway leads to Ka Makana Aliʻi, a large open-air shopping center, it makes me think it's part of Kapolei.

In terms of driving distance, it's about 30 minutes away from town, 10 minutes away from White Plains Beach (the closest beach), and 20 minutes to Honolulu airport.

Find Your Neighborhood

On sale Kāīkea


Multi-family homes, FLEX® homes, and commercial spaces.

On sale Mamaka


Mamaka has 3- & 4-bedroom detached single-family condo homes.

On sale ‘Ikena


Modern homes with open-concept rooms & an ADU home option.

On sale Ho‘oulu


Ho’oulu offers plantation-style homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Resale Kōhina


Located at the entrance of Ho‘opili, near to Ka Makana Ali’i.

Resale Kāīkoi


A mix of reserved housing and market-priced condo homes.

Resale A’ulu


Offers 8 different floor plans with a duplex and ADU option.

Resale Hāloa


Hāloa offers 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses and flex homes.

Resale ‘Akoko


‘Akoko townhomes were completed in 2019 and are now on resale.

Resale Olena


3- and 4-bedroom homes made for multi-generational living.

Resale Hinahina


Open concept, energy efficient, two-story townhomes with options.

Resale Ilima


Some of Ho’opili's largest townhomes with 7 different floor plans.

Resale Lehua


3-4 bedrooms and 2-2.5 bathrooms, with 6 different floorplans.

Resale Liko


Single-family homes w/duplex, single-level, & split-level designs.

Resale Iliahi


Newly built in 2018, Iliahi includes duplexes & homes with ADU units.

On sale now

The Kāīkea community offers condominium townhomes, FLEX homes, and commercial spaces, including studios and 1-4-bedroom homes. Prices start at $392,835, and sizes range from 548 to 2,030 square feet. Like Kohina, Kāīkea is a TOD neighborhood and offers the conveniences of urban life without the hustle and bustle of the city.

The ‘Ikena neighborhood includes single-family homes that have 3-4 bedrooms, some of which also have accessory dwelling units within them. These homes are priced at $997,485 and above and range from 1,279 to 2,017 square feet. These homes were built in a contemporary style with open-concept designs.

Mamaka, the third neighborhood that is on sale now, is made up of single-family homes with 3-4 bedrooms. As of August 8, 2022, select units have been released and are available for purchase without going through the lottery. These homes are modern and spacious. They are perfect for families who want to have close proximity to parks, playgrounds, and schools. Prices begin at $863,945, and sizes range from 1,057 to 1,356 square feet.

Ho‘oulu has just released another 12 homes in their September lottery. Stay tuned for future lotteries.


Ho’opili homes are sold mostly through a lottery process. On average, every 4 to 6 weeks, D.R. Horton holds a lottery releasing 10 to 20 homes for a chosen sub-community. On occasion, if a home is not acquired during the lottery process, a completed and move-in ready home may become available for sale.

Watch Renee C. Kam explain how new home lotteries work.

Winners for each lottery are chosen randomly where each applicant receives a number, and if chosen, homes are distributed based on the homes preferences in your application. Often times, you'll have to apply multiple times, but your applications don't carry over.

The next lottery is open now for Ho‘oulu. If you're interested in applying or want more information on official pricing or private tours, register below and we'll walk you through the process.


Ho’opili is a 20 year long project. If you weren't able to grab a home via D.R. Horton's lottery, then it's likely you can buy one for resale. Because there are so many sub-communities in Ho’opili, check out the table below to narrow down your search.

Compare different Ho’opili neighborhoods by homes, floorplans, beds, and size.
Compare different Ho’opili neighborhoods by homes, floorplans, beds, and size.
An aerial shot of Hāloa at Ho’opili on Keahumoa Parkway and Iwikuamoo St.
An aerial shot of Hāloa at Ho’opili on Keahumoa Parkway and Iwikuamoo St.

Fun for Family and Friends at Ho’opili

Homebuyers with children or who plan to have children will be happy to hear that there are plans for 5 new schools conveniently located within the community. There is also a college (Hawai‘i Tokai International College) and university (University of Hawai‘i at West O’ahu) for those looking to continue their education. The Ho’opili neighborhoods feature access to playgrounds and green spaces, with extra-wide sidewalks to make room for walkers. The Ho’opili community also includes soccer fields and the SoHo Community Center and Pool. The KROC center offers preschool programs for little ones, and there is even the Bark & Ride Park that includes both a “tot lot” and a dog park.

Ho’opili has also implemented several green initiatives, such as the Grown in Ho’opili program, which utilizes landscaping that is edible and useable instead of decorative landscaping. The community includes urban gardens in the yards of single-family homes. These special touches attest to the eco-friendly culture of Ho’opili.

Other fun points of interest near to the Ho’opili community include indoor racing, a trampoline park, and a roller rink. Golf-lovers will be thrilled to know that there are numerous courses near the community including Kapolei golf course, Ewa Villages golf course, and West Loch golf course.

With all of the amenities offered in the Ho’opili development, homeowners will enjoy the conveniences of living in a more suburban area without having to fight the daily traffic to rush their kids to school. Ho’opili is also suitable for young professionals looking to purchase their first home and small families who may not need as much space. Entrepreneurs can grow their business without having to leave home, with FLEX housing to accommodate the need for separation of work time from leisure time. The versatility among the different sub-communities makes Ho’opili a perfect fit for all types of families, and its accessibility to desirable amenities makes it hard to pass up when shopping for a new home in Hawai‘i.

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