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Ocean Pointe offers a mix of townhomes and larger single- and two-story homes.
Ocean Pointe offers a mix of townhomes and larger single- and two-story homes.

A Community with a History

The Ocean Pointe community has been around for quite some time, with initial purchases taking place in 1998. Since then, it has grown become a vibrant master-planned community with its own shared culture among the residents. Currently, over 2,200 families live in the single-family homes and townhomes within the development. While the development has grown, it maintains its homey, cozy feel that many families are looking for.

Ocean Pointe is located on the Leeward side of Oahu within the Ewa District. It has grown so much in size that it has earned the nickname of “Oahu’s Second City.” Although it is considered a suburban development, Ocean Pointe is only a quick 4 miles from Kapolei and 15 miles from Honolulu. This allows for residents to stay out of the daily traffic of the city but still be close to places, like the airport, that are needed from time to time.

Designed with intention and thorough planning, more than 50 model homes were built for the Ocean Pointe community throughout its development. The community in itself is very walkable, and it is rooted in the promotion of physical activity and the longevity of its members. Neighborhoods have been designed with appealing landscaping, with a focus on greenspace and sustainability and the inclusion of sidewalks for walking and jogging.

Homes within the Ocean Pointe development are either 1 or 2 stories and include both traditional houses and townhomes. Some of these homes have been built right next to the Hoakalei Country Club golf course (designed by Ernie El), which provides beautiful views of the rolling greenery.

Taking Stock in Location

In 2008, the final homes of Ocean Pointe were completed, with the span of the development ranging widely across Oahu. The community covers Ewa Beach to the south and reaches out toward Kalaeloa and Kopeli on the west side. These houses have been stretched all the way out to Hoakalei, which is home to the beautiful Hoakalei Resort.

Some of the local hotspots within the Ocean Pointe master-planned community include amenities associated with the Hoakalei Country Club. Residential members of the club have access to the pool, spa, golf course, and Reflections restaurant. You could spend the morning practicing your golf swing and join your family for a day at the pool in the afternoon!

Although there are benefits to joining the country club, Ocean Pointe residents are also near several other attractions of interest that do not require membership, such as the Wai Kai Lagoon. Expected to be fully completed in 2023, Wai Kai will offer plenty of space for outdoor recreational activities, including surfing, paddling, and even water sport camps for children. Other Wai Kai points of interest include plans for competitions, a bar and restaurant, a café, and an apparel shop. This attraction will be open year-round and is sure to be the host of plenty of cultural and community events in the future.

An additional place of interest within the Ocean Pointe community is the Laulani Village Shopping Center in Ewa Beach. As the biggest shopping center in the area, Laulani Village offers convenient access to stores such as Safeway, Walgreens, and Petco, so members of the community will not have to travel to multiple places to run their errands. This retail center also includes restaurants and clothing stores.

With outdoor recreational activities and easy access to indoor shopping centers, members of the Ocean Pointe master-planned community can find plenty of ways to cool off and enjoy time with family and friends without having to go all the way to the larger cities. Ocean Pointe is known for having a “small town” feel within a suburban area.

Ocean Pointe Culture

Ocean Pointe is known for having beautiful, energy-efficient homes with attractive landscaping. The area is quite walkable, promoting a culture of physical fitness and healthy living. Ocean Pointe follows the Blue Zone initiative, a program that promotes a balanced lifestyle, focusing on physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. Some of the key factors of this initiative include being active daily, creating a healthy balance between work and rest, eating well, and prioritizing friends and family.

Another important part of the Ocean Pointe culture is the community center and community association, which hosts free events throughout the year. Residents can take part in classes to develop (or master) a new skill, such as martial arts, hula dancing, and sewing. Zumba exercise classes are also taught at the community center, falling into alignment with the Blue Zone initiative.

My favorite part of the community center is that it serves as a pickup location for produce delivered by Kahumana Organic Farms. Residents can subscribe to boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered regularly, with options for customization of your individual box. There is also a farmers’ market hosted at the community center, featuring fresh foods and products from local artists. These services help residents support the local community in a healthy and convenient way.

Additionally, the community association hosts family-friendly events, such as Movie Night in the Park, featuring live music, snacks, and face painting. Residents can look forward to the community craft fair or even compete in the “Yard of the Month” competition. Have your own, special event you’d like to celebrate? The community center is available to be rented out on the weekends and includes tables and chairs as well as parking for attendees.

These amenities and programs may seem humble in nature, but they serve the purpose of fulfilling needs within the community and help to promote comradery and companionship among residents around the development. If you are looking for housing in a stylish, convenient, and family-friendly community, Ocean Pointe offers a variety of options that fulfill these must-haves.

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