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Living in a Kaikea Home

Homes within the Kāīkea neighborhood are currently starting at $392,835. With around 134 listings, this community offers homes ranging from studios to 4-bedrooms in size. Floor plans range in size, with the smallest homes coming in at around 528 square feet, while the largest are around 2,030 square feet. This range helps to accommodate different family sizes all within the same community.

Kāīkea is an excellent choice for both singles and families. Entrepreneurs will want to explore the FLEX home options so that they can run their business and live in the same home but still have separation between work and home life (with the commercial area being on the first floor and the living space above). There are also commercial listings available at Kāīkea, which adds to the unique culture of the neighborhood. Kāīkea homes are known as some of the most spacious townhomes in the area, and the combination of residential and commercial lots helps to establish more of an “urban” feel without sacrificing the sense of community.

The residences at Kāīkea have several similarities to homes built during previous phases of the Hoopili development but tend to be a bit more modern, as they were also more recently built. With numerous (over 10) different floor plans, the style of home will help determine which unique features will be included.

Units at Kāīkea range from 1-3 stories, with split-level options. In general, potential buyers should expect to see open-concept kitchens and upscale designs, with quartz countertops and full tile backsplashes. The kitchens include stainless steel appliances and soft-close kitchen cabinets. Uncarpeted areas come with luxury vinyl flooring.

Kāīkea homes also have split AC units and Smart Home features, which for allow residents to control elements of their homes, such as light switches and door locks, electronically. Smart Home features can even help residents to see who is outside of their door prior to answering it. This adds an element of safety and convenience that can help keep your family protected. Many of these features overlap with the high standards for all of the homes in Hoopili.

Some of the additional features of Kāīkea homes are dependent upon the floor plan. For example, Kāīkea offers enclosed garages and exterior parking stalls, but the number and type of parking spaces is dependent upon your particular unit. Certain units also include lanais and balconies with extra storage space. With the numerous options available at Kāīkea, your family is sure to find a floor plan to suits your needs and lifestyle.

Future Kāīkea homeowners and their realtors can schedule an appointment to meet with consultants at the Hoopili Sales Center for Condominiums and Townhomes, which is open 7 days per week.

Where is Kaikea?

Kāīkea is a community within the larger Hoopili development, which has gone through several housing phases already. Hoopili includes single-family and multi-family homes, with additional options for FLEX housing. FLEX housing allows for space to run a commercial business on the first floor of the home while living directly above where you work. These homes are built in a modern style and are packed with conveniences both inside and out.

The Hoopili development is located between Kapolei and Ewa beach. The community itself offers easy access to numerous parks, community centers, and modes of transportation. There are also future plans for additional transit stops. In general, this community tends to be environmentally friendly, with energy efficient home features and tons of outdoor green space. There are also plans for the development of 5 schools, all located near Kāīkea. These community amenities ideally allow for families to live, work, and go to school within their own neighborhood.

In addition, the greater Ewa Beach area offers a variety of attractions that are fun and family-friendly. It is located close to central Kapolei, the city of Honolulu, and many parks and beaches. Ewa Beach also has numerous golf courses, shopping centers, and areas with playgrounds, picnic tables, and fields for playing various sports.

Looking to learn how to surf? Ewa has beaches that are perfect for catching waves, and there are even opportunities to take lessons. If having your feet on the ground is more of your style, you may want to check out the numerous hiking trails and paths. With nearly perfect weather for most of the year and the variety of outdoor activities available, residents of Kāīkea at Ewa Beach will find it hard to stay indoors.

Become a Part of a Community

Arguably, one of the greatest aspects of living in Kāīkea (and in the Hoopili community, in general) is the strong sense of small-town community in the midst of urban conveniences. With extra-wide sidewalks leading to dog parks and places for children to play, you’re sure to make friends with the neighbors and continue to build a life in a place that feels like home.

Kāīkea is a transit oriented development (TOD), so it is easy to get around, whether you plan to walk, bike, drive, or utilize public transportation. Make your way to one of the recreation centers and take a dip in the pool. On the way home, you could stop by one of your neighbor’s stores to check out the latest retail items before you pick up your little one from his in-town after-school program. The structure of Kāīkea is designed to help you make the most of your neighborhood.

At Kāīkea, it’s about more than building a house—it’s about creating a home and building a life. Whether you’re single, in a couple, or part of a larger family, Kāīkea offers options to suit your style and help you feel like you are a part of your community.

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Kaikea is or will be located at 91-3575 Iwikuamoo St, Ewa Beach, HI 96706.

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