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Looking up at Building B.
Looking up at Building B.

A Different Style of Living

801 South Street was built to meet the needs of the Ala Moana and Kakaako areas by providing a more affordable type of housing without sacrificing quality. The two building towers were originally designed by Kazu Yato of AIA & Associates and developed by Downtown Capital LLC, a company that is committed to producing affordable urban units. Building A was completed in 2015, while Building B was introduced in 2017.

Originally, homes at 801 South Street were sold as workforce housing units, meaning that a majority of the units were sold to families with incomes that fell within a specific AMI range. While there were income restrictions for the initial sales, these restrictions no longer apply to the resale of units. There are a total of 1,045 units between the two towers, and both buildings are fully residential.

Incorporating Quality and Efficiency

Building A, completed in 2015, is 46-stories with 635 units and features floor plans ranging from studios through 2-bedrooms. In total, there are 90 studio units with 384 square feet per unit. There are 271 1-bed/1-bath units ranging from 495 through 522 square feet. 2-bedroom units are available with 1 bath, 1.5 baths, or 2 baths. There are 46 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom units at 714 square feet each. There are 45 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom units at 776 square feet each. Lastly, the 183 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom units are 816 square feet. Building A also features a huge welcome lobby with seating. Some units enjoy views of the ocean as well.

Building B, completed in 2017, is also 46-stories. It includes 410 2- and 3-bedroom units. The 2-bedroom units are available with 1.5 or 2 bathrooms. The 2-bed/1.5-bath units range from 879 through 885 square feet, while the 2-bedroom/2-bathroom units range from 968 through 979 square feet. 3-bedroom units include 2 bathrooms and range from 1,275 through 1,283 square feet.

Both buildings are beautifully constructed concrete towers, and each unit comes a private lanai. Lanais feature elegant glass railings, providing a serene space for residents to relax at the end of the day. Additionally, developers included concrete walls between the units, thus helping to provide noise-control and increased privacy for residents. Other unit highlights include the granite kitchen countertops, the cultured marble in the bathrooms, and the matching white cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms. Each unit also includes a stacked washer and dryer, and some of the units feature a breakfast bar into the floor plan.

Numerous energy efficient features have also been incorporated into the units at 801 South Street. Each unit includes a split air conditioning system that is both quiet and efficient. Windows, including lanai doors, have been double-paned to help maintain climate control without breaking the bank. There is also a photo-voltaic system above the parking deck to help save on costs related to electricity in the common areas. These features help reduce the price of utilities, thus giving each resident more return on investment!

Amenities: Short and Sweet

One of the reasons 801 South Street is able to boast such low monthly fees is that the complex doesn’t have any extra frills when it comes to amenities. There are both pros and cons to this. While the complex doesn’t include any extras, developers have provided the necessities, like adequate parking and increased security measures. Residents can live comfortably without having to pay for amenities that they may not even utilize!

The two buildings share an 11-story parking structure, which includes 915 stalls. Resident parking is available on floors 2 through 10, while guests can park in the stalls on floors 1 and 11. In total, there are 30 guests stalls. Resident parking is not assigned, so residents can have their pick across almost all of the floors. There are also opportunities to utilize secured areas for storing bikes and surfboards to save space within your home.

Another benefit of living at 801 South Street is the numerous security measures taken to protect residents and their valuables. Doors to the parking garage and the residential buildings require electronic key fobs to enter. An Enterphone system is utilized for allowing guests to come into the building. There are security guards in the front lobby with camera surveillance. The grounds surrounding the buildings are well-lit and are regularly maintained. Additionally, there are 4 on-site resident managers in the complex.

Buildings include large front lobbies with freely available WIFI. Residents have access to a coffee counter. Each building also has a spacious recreation room that can be utilized for special events. These rooms are equipped with a kitchen, TV, and bathrooms. Both buildings are completely non-smoking and include trash shoots, making it easy and convenient to dispose of waste. Pets are allowed, but there are a few limitations. The building allows for 1 pet per unit with a maximum weight of 20 pounds, and the pet must be able to be carried when traveling in and out of the building.

Location, Location, Location

Part of the value of living at 801 South Street is living between Kakaako and Downtown Honolulu. Kakaako is a thriving neighborhood that is bustling with a variety of restaurants and shops, many within walking distance of the complex. Additionally, the complex is just minutes from City Hall and the Hawaii State Public Library. Residents who work downtown will conveniently be able to walk to work. Basically, 801 South Street offers the conveniences of living in one of the newer luxury complexes without the additional costs typically generated by extra amenities.

Looking for a beautiful home that includes all the modern comforts without the unnecessary frills? 801 South Street offers condominiums with beautiful features, like marble countertops and private lanais, while still maintaining cost-effectiveness. The buildings include energy efficient features, and amenities are kept to the bare minimum so that residents can spend their money on whatever is most useful to them. Located in one of the more popular parts of Honolulu, 801 South Street is a wonderful choice for buyers looking to get the most out of their investment.

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Condos in 801 South Street

For Sale For Rent Recently Sold
Unit Price Status Beds Baths DOM SQFT
3906 $768,000 Active 2 1 21 714
4729 $865,000 Active 2 2 48 876
4701 $810,000 Active 2 2 50 816
4708 $615,000 Active 1 1 50 495
2008 $610,000 Active 1 1 50 495
1922 $775,000 Escrow 2 2 61 876
2605 $469,000 Escrow Studio 1 84 384
812 $574,000 Escrow 1 1 151 517
Unit Price Listing Date Beds Baths DOM SQFT
Unit Sold for Sold on Beds Baths DOM SQFT


801 South Street is or will be located at 801 South St, Honolulu, HI 96813.

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