Koa Ridge Hawaii

An upcoming “surban” neighborhood between Mililani and Waipio, Koa Ridge is a master-planned, all-inclusive community for Hawaii residents to live, grow and thrive. The perfect mix of urban and suburban, Koa Ridge will offer everything in one place: eateries, green spaces, beautiful views of the Waianae Mountain Range, walkable and biker-friendly paths, a hospital, a school, a community center, and of course, more than 3,500 homes. Here, you and your family can find neighborhood parks and open spaces for a picturesque outdoor lifestyle while also having convenient access to urban amenities. 

Koa Ridge is being developed by Castle & Cooke Hawaii, a company responsible for more than 24,000 homes in Hawaii. They are probably best known for developing the first master-planned community of Mililani – a successful project with over 16,000 homes. Potential buyers can take the same innovative, smart and forward-thinking approach here at Koa Ridge, where Castle & Cooke plans to create a new central Oahu neighborhood that will appeal to a range of Hawaii residents and lifestyles.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Koa Ridge Hawaii will be located between Mililani and Waipio. Plantation Road, currently a dirt road that flows through the construction site, has an entrance gate across the street from Costco in Mililani. Residents in Koa Ridge will have premier access to The Village, a hip new entertainment and eating center.
  • Developer: Castle & Cooke
  • Residences: 3,500 homes including row houses, single-family detached, apartments, townhomes, multi-family homes, and senior housing.
  • Average Lot Size: 4,500 square feet
  • Pricing: Nanea at Koa Ridge starts in the high $800,000s (FS), Luana at Koa Ridge in the low $700,000s (FS), and Malina at Koa Ridge from the low $400,000s (FS).
  • Construction for Koa Ridge began in the second quarter of 2020 and continued through the global Coronavirus pandemic. Construction on the first homes is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, with new residents moving in around the winter holiday season.
  • Amenities: Recreational facilities, biker- and pedestrian- friendly paths, green spaces, restaurants, shops, medical center, shopping center, public elementary school
  • Association Fee: Every home in Koa Ridge will need to pay a Master Association Fee of $67 per month. This is common for master planned communities, such as Ho‘opili and Mililani ($39 per month).

Koa Ridge Master Plan

As of 2020, sales have begun for Koa Ridge homes. The detailed Master Plan, which integrated community members’ input into its visioning process, outlines several features and amenities to meet the diverse dreams of future community members.

Residential Options

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, a retiree desiring to downsize, or a family wanting to move into a close-knit community, Koa Ridge has something for you. Out of 3,500 planned homes, 1,050 will be “affordable” with pricing for families earning 80 to 120 percent of the area median income. 

The first phase of construction brings affordable multi-family units, market-price single-family homes, and market-price row homes. Construction for these homes begins near the intersection of Kamehameha Highway and Ka Uka Boulevard.

Biker and Pedestrian Friendly

Koa Ridge has a lifestyle focus that transcends the walls of individual homes. Many outdoor areas will offer relaxation and respite, including a 7-mile pedestrian path or pedway called the Hoala Trail, which will go through the community and enable less reliance on cars. All the amenities will be linked by beautifully landscaped sidewalks and bike paths. Residents can ride bikes home from school as a family, walk to a restaurant to meet friends, skateboard around town or walk the dog to the neighborhood park. 

The Village, Gateway, Hale Lau Koa

Koa Ridge is all about community and ‘ohana. At the Village and Gateway in the heart of Koa Ridge, you can eat dinner at a restaurant, sip coffee at a café or shop at the farmer’s market. Peruse the shops. Visit out-of-town friends at the hotel. Take your keiki to play on the grassy area in the center of the complex. All kinds of cultural events will take place at the Hale Lau Koa like hula performances, craft shows and Hawaiian storytelling. 

Parks, Schools, Community Center

A fire station, churches and daycare facilities are included in the Koa Ridge Master Plan, assuring a true live, work, and play community. There will be a community park with tennis courts, baseball fields and open grassy spaces. The Hawaii Department of Education plans to construct a new public elementary school and near the school, a multi-purpose community center with classes, meeting spaces and recreational facilities.

Medical Center

The developer, Castle & Cooke, has committed to donating 28 acres for a medical complex. The Wahiawa Hospital Association will partner to develop the medical facilities, creating convenient options to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Koa Ridge Pricing

By 2030, we can expect Koa Ridge to have around 3,500 homes to serve all types of Hawaii homebuyers. Nanea, Luana, and Malina are the first three home types of mini neighborhoods within Koa Ridge that are being constructed:

  • Detached single-family condominiums
  • Range in size from 1,329 to 2,228 sqft.
  • Six different home designs for three- and four-bedroom floor plans
  • Prices estimated to start in the high $800,000s

  • Duplex style, “paired” homes
  • Range in size from 1,110 to 1,396 sqft.
  • Four different home designs for three- and four-bedroom floor plans
  • Prices will start in the low $700,000s

  • Affordably priced townhomes
  • Range in size from 501 to 1,092 sqft.
  • One-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans
  • Units expected to be for sale starting in the low $400,000s

Living in Central Oahu

The red soil of Central Oahu has garnered a reputation for more economical housing options with all the amenities and security to call it home – whether for families, retirees, or people in all stages of life. And while this Central Oahu area has not had any residential development since the 1990s, many people and establishments already call the family-friendly area of the island home.

The Waipio community will host Koa Ridge Hawaii. Located in the Ewa district of Oahu, Waipio has been known as a sleepy former plantation town nestled between the convenient H-2 and H-1 highways. Only a 25-minute drive to Downtown Honolulu, which will become even more convenient when the Honolulu rail is running, Waipio hosts the large Patsy T. Mink Oahu Regional Park with a tennis and aquatic center, baseball diamond, archery range and more. Waipio also is located near the popular Waikele Premium Outlets, where designer brands can be found at a fraction of the price. 

With medical facilities, many shops (including Costco), parks, and more already located in Waipio, residents of Koa Ridge will be able to enjoy established businesses as well as the newly constructed neighborhood features that will be located within the Koa Ridge neighborhood.

Koa Ridge Hawaii Update 2020

If you are driving along Kamehameha Highway on your way to Mililani, you will be able to spot the mounds of red dirt, trucks, equipment, and a number of homes under construction. Construction has continued steadily despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Castle & Cooke announced that Koa Ridge homes are for sale in July 2020. They expect to offer 200 homes to be moved into in 2021, with 100 Affordable Housing units. The model homes at Koa Ridge are expected to be completed in late 2020, and then appointments to view the newly constructed homes will be available.

Koa Ridge Lottery

Castle & Cooke chose to use an online lottery sales system for unit selection. Often times this process is used when new developments have overwhelming demand. The first online lottery drawing was held in July 2020 where Castle & Cooke received 296 applications (excluding those who withdrew) for the first 19 homes called Nanea. 

Below was the process taken to apply to their online lottery system back in July 2020. 

Step 1: Fill out an application.

Step 2: Get pre-approved.

Four Lead Lenders (First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of Hawaii, American Savings Bank, and Central Pacific Bank) have approval to process pre-qualification and mortgages for the Koa Ridge project. Potential buyers will need to obtain a Pre-qualification Letter from one of the approved lenders to participate in the affordable homes lottery.

Step 3: Wait to hear about unit selection.

A Recent Buyer's Experience

We talked to a recent home buyer Alex Cheng, who made a successful bid for a Luana home for his family in Koa Ridge. After carefully researching the real estate market and going to countless open houses, the new community and neighborhood at Koa Ridge stood out to Alex. The vision of Koa Ridge fit his desire to expand his family and find a permanent place to settle. He says, “Koa Ridge had it all: amazing dwelling units and everything from restaurants to parks within walking distance.

He knew it would be difficult to get into the lottery but thanks to his family’s history of having a home in Mililani Mauka, he was able to secure names on the backup list. “We couldn’t be more excited to look forward into moving into a place where we can raise our family and prepare for the next generation to come!” says Alex. 

The completion date of his unit is scheduled at the end of December 2020. “According to Castle & Cooke, they are probably on schedule plus or minus a month. Either way, the first unit owners for the first phase of Nanea had just moved in a few weeks ago which was pretty on target and very impressive on the developer side,” says Alex. 

As real estate investors, Alex feels he and his family made a wise choice and put their eggs into a very investable basket that will produce great return. “I’m so excited to have a place where me and my wife can call home, have a place to raise our future family, and also provide a space to entertain family and friends. If anyone is interested in getting into the Koa Ridge community, my best hunch would be that the earlier you can secure a spot with the future phases rolling out, the best return you will get in your investment,” says Alex. 

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