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Hawaii New Homes Report | December 2022 Edition

By REAL. Updated May 10, 2023. | Hawaii New Homes Reports | 5 min. read
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2022 has come to an end. The latter half of the year has been a time of uncertainty for developers, buyers, sellers, and agents. As mentioned in our last report, the elections concluded in November and we have new officials leading the way. Inflation is still a concern, however, there is hope that we may technically avoid a recession. It's all very speculative. There is no doubt that the industry of real estate has cooled off, but what will 2023 look like? According to Zillow's former CEO, markets will cool off, but this is no 2008.

Here's what we know in Hawaii. In November of 2022, there was a slight increase in residential permits across Hawaii. Maui was the only island with a decrease. Home prices on Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Kauai have all decreased slightly in late 2022, but the quantity of sold listings over 2022 have decreased significantly.

The graph below shows residential permit value based on data collected from the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.

December 2022 - Chart showing Statewide Building Permits



While Alia was scheduled to release in December of 2022, it was pushed back about a month. We expect Alia to release in late January.

While this condo is currently not on sale, it is undergoing a round of offerings to family and friends.

If you've never heard of Alia, it is the next release as part of Kaiāulu ʻō Kakaʻako, a master plan designed by Kamehameha Schools, otherwise known as Our Kakaako. The developer's landing page describes Alia as a "sustainably-designed luxury high rise" because of its focus on sustainability. Alia's building materials are eco-friendly and the energy is sourced by generation systems that preserve energy. It has also been described as a development that seamlessly integrates with the community making it easy for pedestrians to walk through the area.

Early renderings of Alia.
Early renderings of Alia.
Our own isometric design of the condo.
Our own isometric design of the condo.

Below are the details you need to know about the Alia condo:

Breakdown of units and sqft at Alia. Subject to change - pulled from the HCDA Application.
Breakdown of units and sqft at Alia. Subject to change - pulled from the HCDA Application.

The Bluffs at Ikena

Think bigger. Bigger lots. Bigger homes. And all across from Ikena at Hoopili.

Younger families are taking to these properties quickly. The Bluffs at Ikena offers 20 move-in ready homes that are sold to the highest offer. This is different than properties that are first-come first-served or offered via a lottery. You can make your own offer on these properties - they've all sold for $1.3M+.

The Bluffs at Ikena - Floor Plan #23
The Bluffs at Ikena - Floor Plan #23
The Bluffs at Ikena - Sitemap
The Bluffs at Ikena - Sitemap


Walea - C and E models, 1 D model are left.
- 4 units left in phase 1.
A and b models remain from Phase 2.
60 Studios - Starting at $270,000
6 One Bedrooms - Starting at $321,000
18 Two Bedrooms - Starting at $398,000
DPP Requirements Apply
The original 30 years "affordable housing"
classification has been reduced to appealed.
It is now 20 years.
6 homes available - On sale for up to $15k off
3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1 story, Plan 2 - Kunoa,
ranging in price from $828,490 to $840,490
8 homes available - On sale for up to $15k off
3/2.5 to 4/2.5 bed/bath, 2 stories, 1 to 2 car garage,
ranging in price from $817,125 to $858,850
1 Studio - $658,900
2 One Bedrooms facing ocean - $1M range and up
12 Two Bedrooms - $1,043,955 and up
4 Studios remain - Starting at $749k
9 One Bedrooms - Starting at $855,000
6 Studios - Starting at $706k
10 One Bedrooms - Starting at $949k
1 Two Bedroom - $1,832,000
4 Three Bedrooms - Starting at $2.101M
Owner-Occupant Units remain ranging from $1.2M to $5.4M
Studios - Range from $271,000 to $355,400
HCDA Requirements Apply
Construction has started at Ulana.
One Bedrooms - Starting at $477,900
Two Bedrooms - Mid $800k's
HHFDC Requirements for the one bedrooms only
7 Three Bedrooms - Starting at $1,011,800
6 Four Bedrooms - Starting at $1,270,000
3 Three Bedroom - $1,219,000 to $1,299,000
1 Four Bedroom - $1,425,000

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We are not the developer. We're real estate agents who help you buy new homes at no extra cost.

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