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Brand new homes in Hawai‘i

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From map views to ocean views.

Deciding to buy a new home is often easier than figuring out which new home to buy. With so many new developments available, you might be asking yourself; do I want a 5 minute drive or a 5 minute walk to the beach?

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The "new home" neighborhoods


A small town with a big heart; and many housing options.


Newly built condos, microbreweries, hidden speakeasies, and more.


Oʻahu’s "Second City" continues to grow at a rapid pace.


The second-largest town on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.


Lahaina is the "Waikiki" of Maui, centered around tourism.


Honolulu is the largest city and the capital of the state of Hawaiʻi.

‘Ewa Beach

A newly transformed suburban neighborhood with a local feel.


Rich in history and culture, west Oʻahu is still untouched.

Do you ❤️ condo living?

There's no shortage of reasons to buy a new house in Hawaiʻi, but if you prefer a condo or urban living, then it's all about the amenities, baby. Find a new condo that meets your needs by selecting up to 3 amenities and clicking the button below.

Do you qualify for reserved housing?

State agencies offer programs, like reserved housing, that allow local residents to buy new condos at below market rates. So if you don't own a condo and earn between 80-140% of the area median income, then you might qualify. Learn more here.

Income 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people
80% $73,150 $83,600 $94,050 $104,500
100% $79,300 $90,650 $101,950 $113,300
110% $87,250 $99,700 $112,200 $124,650
120% $95,150 $108,750 $122,350 $135,950
130% $103,100 $117,850 $132,550 $147,300
140% $111,000 $126,900 $142,750 $158,600
Click here to see the reserved housing guidelines and full table of AMI limits.

Timing is everything.

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